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seat belt webbing manufacturer The tag of lifting belt also has these stripes

Lifting belt is a relatively simple spreader, the value is not high but inside, a lot of various regulations are missing.seat belt webbing manufacturer

For example, the label of the lifting belt:seat belt webbing manufacturer

In JB/T85211.1-2007 [Industry Standard for General Purpose Synthetic Preparation of lifting belt], there are clear provisions on the label of lifting belt. The following contents should be indicated on the mark of lifting belt:


1, vertical limit working load;

2, lifting belt materials, such as polyester, polyamide and polypropylene;

3. Grade of end fittings;

4. Nominal length, unit: m;

5, manufacturer’s name, logo, trademark or other clear logo;

6. Inquiring record (coding);

7. Standard number of execution;

The above specified information shall be clearly marked on durable labels (affixed directly to lifting straps). The height of the label font should not be less than 1.5mm. A part of the label should be sewn into the cover of the lifting belt, and this part should also be marked with the information specified above for reference.

The hoisting belt materials must be identified by the color of the label. The following is the hoisting belt material and the corresponding label color:

1, polyamide – green;

2, polyester – blue;

3, polypropylene – brown;

Identification of the combined multi – limb lifting belt

1, the logo should be easy to identify durable labels (such as round labels), labels should be fixed on the main chain ring, in order to be different from other types of lifting belt;seat belt webbing manufacturer

2. The marking content of the hoisting belt shall include the large Angle between any rope limb and the vertical direction when in use;

3. The label of each rope limb should not show the limit working load.




There are not only various provisions for the labels, but also requirements for the materials.


Hoisting belt trademark: According to the executive standard, the hoisting belt made of polyester should use blue label. At present, our company uses blue PVC label for the 4x colored flat hoisting belt, brown leather label for the 6x colored flat hoisting belt, and polyester label for the white polypropylene hoisting belt.

Why use different material labels?

Because the acid and alkali have no influence on various lifting belts, it can prevent the environment from premature corrosion of labels, resulting in unclear labels in the process of use.

Post time: Nov-04-2022