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Soft Webbing lift Sling belt:Two modes of lifting belt joint

First of all, the finished lifting belt joint refers to the final suture part of the product. Because no matter a few tons of lifting belt, it is through effective measurement and cutting the finished ribbon, and then through the suture to make it into the finished lifting belt.Soft Webbing lift Sling belt Therefore, this kind of joint is unavoidable and essential. Its presence will not cause problems in use, nor will it affect use, nor will it hinder the breaking force of the product after use.


There is another way of hoisting belt joint, which is the industrial wire joint. This industrial wire joint refers to the replacement of industrial wire when weaving semi-finished webbing. This lifting belt joint, can not be used for the lifting belt suture production, ugly appearance is second Soft Webbing lift Sling belt, mainly because it has affected the tension of the ribbon. Simply speaking, this kind of joint increases the cost of ribbon for the hoisting belt manufacturers, which is mainly reflected in the production scale. The hoisting belt manufacturers for this joint cost is negligible. For the user, just know, not much impact.

Heavy industry when choosing lifting belt, lifting belt manufacturers generally use color flexible lifting belt, as compared to other products, while all six times for national standard lifting belt, flexible lifting belt coefficient is higher, but the way he fracture is slowly falling, rather than the land,Soft Webbing lift Sling belt give a person the brain time to reflect. Flexible lifting belt can produce 300 tons, the length can be customized according to the actual use.

Lifting belt

The iron and steel industry is also a kind of heavy industry. If the steel industry needs flexible lifting belt, the lifting belt manufacturers will suggest the use of flat lifting belt. Although the flexible is more than the flat, but from the perspective of wear resistance, the flat is more wear-resistant. Although the flat lifting belt is resistant to wear, it is necessary to add anti-wear tools when using the lifting belt to bind the lifting belt. Flat lifting belt is only more wear-resistant than the flexible lifting belt, but to make it compete with steel, it is still tofu and knife, no need to compare, there is no comparison. Use lifting straps from the start to understand, not just for yourself.

Post time: Oct-31-2022