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composite strapping manufacturers:Use division of rigging hoisting belt

The use of rigging lifting belt is divided into two types, drag type and hoisting hoisting two. The dragging type is mainly reflected in the movement of objects, among which the most prominent is the movement of cars. Lifting belt rigging is divided into single limb and multi limb, which is used for car movement is single limb lifting belt rigging. In the production of this kind of rigging, the rigging lifting belt used is circular ring lifting belt. Its advantages are mainly reflected in:


First, composite strapping manufacturers the coefficient is higher than the national standard lifting belt, to a greater extent to meet the towing car, due to the speed impact of the bearing capacity, more circular lifting belt rigging.

2. The lifting point of the round rigging hoisting belt can be moved. When the rigging is damaged in the process of use (note: only the protective sleeve is worn, and the bearing core is not hurt), the service life of the rigging can be increased by rotating the lifting point.

3. composite strapping manufacturers The storage mode of circular hoisting and rigging is more in line with the car space. The space occupies the same proportion as the toolbox. The round lifting belt is easy to bend, and the rigging is integrated after finishing.


Hoisting belt is a wear-resistant type,composite strapping manufacturers mainly used for color flat national standard hoisting belt production. Two or more limbs are the norm. The big advantage of flat lifting belt rigging is wear resistance, whether it is the annular part of the flat ribbon or the body part, are thick. In the lifting of some irregular heavy objects, a certain amount of external friction is not a threat to the flat lifting belt.

Post time: Nov-02-2022