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Can the white lifting belt be made circular seat belt webbing manufacturer

We all know that the conventional white lifting belt is generally four layers, due to the limitation of industrial silk, polypropylene tension is far behind polyester. For the same synthetic fiber,seat belt webbing manufacturer polyester hoisting belt with two thin layers can reach six times of the finished hoisting belt, seat belt webbing manufacturer but polypropylene is different. Although it looks thick, we all know that the white hoisting belt with two layers can not reach the original rated load. It can only achieve the desired result by the number of layers of the ribbon.seat belt webbing manufacturer


White lifting tape

Conventional four layers of white lifting belt can reach the expected rated tension, if you want him to make a ring lifting belt, can do, but the final done ring lifting belt to reduce the tension to double. And that’s still the rated load. White ring hoisting belt less need to be made into a double layer, at this time we need to sew the whole part of the belt body, the loss of industrial silk is fatal to the ribbon. The puncture of the sewing thread was the same for him. Therefore, we cannot measure the white ring lifting belt according to the previous theoretical data. Ring lifting with white can be produced, but we do not recommend it. It is costly, time-consuming and laborious at the same time, and the final result is not proportional. So before we use lifting products, we must first ask the manufacturer, how is reasonable,. Use the lifting belt from the beginning to understand.

Post time: Nov-04-2022